Cadet Promotion Criteria  

Cadet Promotions

  1. Promotions are an honor and a privilege. Those cadets receiving promotions must possess the prerequisite abilities and skills. Primary authority for promotions rests with the SMI. The promotions guidelines are described below:

       Overall GPA (all classes)

      Cadet Corporal and Cadet Sergeant 2.0 or Higher

      Cadet Staff Sergeant and Above 2.5 or Higher (must maintain)

      MCJROTC Grades Stipulated below

       Time in Service (TIS) – Normally will spend a certain amount of time in service before being considered for promotion (TIS details below).  

       Extracurricular Activity Participation (Drill Team, Rifle Team, Physical Training Team, Color Guard, Community Service, Fundraising Events)

       Overall behavior - Includes other forums such as other classes, outside of class, sports teams, etc.

       Setting the Example




       Time in Service / MCJROTC Grade:

      PFC - 9 weeks, 75%

      LCpl - 27 weeks, 78%

      Cpl - 1 year, 80%

      Sgt - 1 year, 9 weeks, 88%

      SSgt - 1 year 18 weeks, 90%

      GySgt - 1 year 27 weeks, 93%

      1stSgt - 2 years, 95%

      SgtMaj - 2 years, 95%

      2ndLt - 1 year 9 weeks, 90%

      1stLt - 1 year 27 weeks, 93%

      Capt - 2 years 9 weeks, 93%

      Maj - 2 years, 27 weeks, 95%

      LtCol - 3 years 9 weeks, 96%

      Col - 3 years 18 weeks, 98%

         2.   Cadet officers and staff noncommissioned officers that do not meet the minimum GPA of “2.5” will be placed in a probationary status for the following semester. The Cadet will have one grading period to meet the standard for rank retention or be considered for reduction. Cadets failing to maintain a GPA of “2.0” may not hold a rank higher than Cadet Private.

         3.   Cadets failing to perform their duties in an efficient manner will be considered for reduction.

         4.   First year Cadets will normally serve in the ranks of Cadet Private through Cadet Lance Corporal.

         5.       Reappointment

a. Cadets who departed for disciplinary reasons or were withdrawn in lieu of disciplinary action, and accepted for reenrollment will be appointed Cadet Privates, regardless of rank previously held.

b.   Cadets who departed for other reasons than discipline issues will be accepted for reenrollment and will normally return with the rank they possessed prior to departure. The rank determination is at the discretion of the SMI.