Christian Crawford

Social Studies


Courses Taught:

College & Career Readiness, Psychology, Sociology


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Any work that you need to turn in can be turned in by email or remind.  Also, the school will allow you to turn in work Tuesday-Thursday 11AM- 1PM.  Please put your first name, last name, and my name on all work. 


- SociologyPPTIntro and SociologyCulturePPT are located in "classroom downloads".  Review the PowerPoints and answer review questions in SOCPacketONE.  Turn in packets with answers via email or remind. 

SocialStructurePPT and SOCTWO located in "classroom downloads"

Click on SOCTWO for further instruction.  Turn in packets with answers via email or remind.  (4/20-5/1)




About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

High School:

Class of 2010 at SBEC


Southwest Tennessee Community College (2010-2012)

University of Mississippi (2012-2015)


I have taught at Lake Cormorant High School for the past 3 years.  This is my first year as the head boys powerlifting coach. I am currently an assistant football coach for the high school team, which I have been for the past 3 years as the defensive backs coach.