Coach Kaufman

Courses Taught:

Algebra II & Algebra 3

Assistant Soccer Coach (Boys & Girls)

Welcome to my class!

This is going to be a hectic school year but we will make the most of it!

Some quick stuff to cover before the start of the school year.

Remind Join Codes:

Algebra 2: @dh486f8

Algebra 3: @2gcdg

Test & Quiz Resubmissions Due Dates: 

1st Semester: Oct 5

2nd Semester: Dec 7

Websites to be familiar with:

1. Schoology - To log into Schoology, check out links below!

     a. From a computer: Form 1

     b. From an Ipad: Form 2

2. Powerschool

3. Goformative

4. Khan Academy