College Day: Wear Your Fav College Shirt
Basketball @ Greenville
Soccer @ Lewisburg (In School Game)
CASE21: Alg 1 & US History
Volleyball State Championship (TBD)
Basketball vs Lafayette (home)
Good Friday Holiday (All)
Special Education Day
Soccer vs Lafayette (home)
Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday
Basketball @ Lewisburg
National Bullying Prevention Unity Day (wear ORANGE)
CHHS Graduation @ 7 pm
School Custodian Appreciation Day
Herff Jones Orders (3rd Block/cafe)
ACT Workkeys (Seniors)
Basketball @ Byhalia
Veterans Day Program
ROTC Rifle Competition @ South Panola
Heart Awareness Day (wear RED)
Basketball @ Lafayette
Volleyball @ LCHS County Tourney
Soccer @ Lafayette
Basketball vs Greenville (home)
Band Night
Picture Day
World Autism Awareness Day (wear BLUE)
Swim @ Tupelo (State Championship)
State Test: English II (part 2)
Basketball (Girls) @ Blue Mountain
Perfect Attendance Pizza Palooza (library)
Band Christmas Concert (gym)
Basketball (Boys) @ Hickory Flat
Basketball Girls @ Coldwater
Band @ Itawamba
Spring Break Holiday (All)
Soccer @ Grenada
Basketball @ Olive Branch
Breast Cancer Awareness (wear PINK)
FAFSA by appt (library)
Homecoming Parade
Basketball vs Lewisburg (home)
Blood Drive
Make-up Semester Exams
Soccer @ Senatobia
JV Football vs Center Hill (home)
DCHS Graduation @ 7 pm
HHS Graduation - 3 pm
State Test: Algebra I
World Kindness Day (perform acts of kindness)
Staff Development Day (Student Holiday)
Soccer @ Horn Lake
Staff Development Days (Teachers Return)
State Test: Biology I
Soccer @ Olive Branch
Football vs Lafayette (Senior Night) home
Basketball vs Southaven (home)
Soccer vs Byhalia (home)
Soccer vs Saltillo (home)
ACT Work Keys Make-up Test (Seniors Only)
SHS Graduation @ 7 pm
Soccer @ Byhalia
Semester Exams 1st and 3rd Blocks
In School Play: Sophomores & Freshmen
Get 2 College: 2nd Block w/ Seniors
Senior Class Picture Day
Homecoming Pep-Rally
Football @ Columbus
Winter Court Applications due (Riley/Brunenkant)
Soccer @ Saltillo
Basketball @ Hernando (Jamboree)
Basketball @ Cleveland Central
President's Day Holiday (All)
Strike Zone Field Trip
Basketball vs Hernando (Home) Day Game Girls/Night Game Boys
Soccer vs Center Hill (home)
Volleyball @ Regents
Basketball vs Horn Lake (home)
LHS Graduation @ 7 pm
Senior ACT
Soccer vs Grenada (home)
Basketball vs Cleveland Central (home)
November Perfect Attendance Pizza Palooza
Progress Reports (2nd Block)
Basketball vs South Panola (home)
Volleyball 2nd Round TBD @ Home
Report Cards
HLHS Graduation @ 7 pm
OBHS Graduation @ 10 am
Basketball @ Center Hill
CASE21: Biology
Senior Meeting (Cafe) Herff Jones
Students' Last Day
Basketball (Boys) @ Hickory Flat
Volleyball @ New Hope (North Half)
Coaches Appreciation Day
Basketball @ Alcorn Central
Football vs New Hope (Homecoming)
Soccer vs Olive Branch (home)
JV Football @ Horn Lake
Soccer vs DeSoto Central (home)
Football @ Cleveland Central
Band @ Grenada
Calculator Day- 1st Sem. ALG I (lecture hall)
Basketball vs Senatobia (home)
Soccer @ New Albany
Fall Break (All)
Basketball @ DeSoto Central
Stomp Out Bullying World Day (wear BLUE)
Christmas Holidays (All)
Band @ Lewisburg
Volleyball @ Lewisburg
Calculator Training (Lecture Hall)
Teachers' Last Day
LCHS Graduation @ 3 pm
Football vs Saltillo (home)
Game of Tiaras
Basketball @ Hernando (Day Game)
Students Return
Northwest Senior Trip
Basketball vs HW Byers (home)
Soccer vs Senatobia (home)
Soccer vs Horn Lake (home)
Thanksgiving Holidays (All)
State Test: English II (part 1)
State Test: US History
Band @ Pearl
Game of Tiaras
2nd Nine Weeks Begins
Basketball @ Alcorn Central
ROTC Raider Competition (Molena, GA)
In School Play: Seniors & Juniors
Football @ West Point
Easter Holiday (All)
Semester Exams 2nd and 4th Blocks
Soccer vs Cleveland (home)