Resources for Distance Learning



audio books (free for now); teen and literary classics available

First Regional Library

eBooks and streaming; use your library card number/pin or a mobile number to sign in


videos, games/activities, printables, audio, maps/flags, STEM lessons

use your DCS student username/password to login

Library of Congress

audio recordings, maps, films, photos, 3D objects, and more

digital collections- American history, government, performing arts, war/ military, photographic prints, and more


eBooks; various categories and subjects

school/ library name: Mississippi Distance Learning Secondary

username: mde 20202   password: mde20202


online research databases

access code: magn0897

Metropolitan Museum of Art

virtual tours, exhibitions online, blogs, timelines of art history

National Geographic

articles, infographics, maps, photographs, and videos; lessons searchable by subject and grade

Open Culture

800 free eBooks for ipad, Kindle and other devices